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What Is Labor Day? A History of the Workers Holiday

“The barrooms were never more resplendent,” The Times wrote . “Liquidly, the first legal celebration of Labor Day may go down to history as an unqualified success.” But it took several more years for the federal government to make it a national holiday — when it served a greater political purpose. In the summer of 1894, the Pullman strike severely disrupted rail traffic in the Midwest, and the federal government used an injunction and federal troops to break the strike. It had started when the Pullman Palace Car Company lowered wages without lowering rents in the company town, also called Pullman. (It’s now part of Chicago.) When angry workers complained, the owner, George Pullman, had them fired. They decided to strike, and other workers for the American Railway Union, led by the firebrand activist Eugene V. Debs, joined the action. They refused to handle Pullman cars, bringing freight and passenger traffic to a halt around Chicago. Tens of thousands of workers walked off the job, wildcat strikes broke out, and angry crowds were met with live fire from the authorities. During the crisis, President Grover Cleveland signed a bill into law on June 28, 1894, declaring Labor Day a national holiday.

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The Hot College Gig: Online Brand Promoter

Students can go to the Riddle & Bloom website and apply for one of the 2,000 “internships,” which last for a semester. Some students land the job through old-fashioned networking. Ms. Senior, the student at Duke, heard about Riddle & Bloom through a sorority sister, who had posted a link to the online application in their sorority group chat. And sometimes, students have no idea how they were selected. Advertisers hire Riddle & Bloom for access to its database of student applicants. The company says it has a close working relationship with university officials through the National Association for Campus Activities, a trade association, noting that they even share an office in Columbia, S.C. Representatives from the association say that they do not give out either personal or contact information about students without permission, but that they do steer campus leaders toward Riddle & Bloom. Ms. Gabriel said she hadn’t considered being a brand ambassador until, out of the blue, AT&T reached out to her via direct message on Instagram.

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Liu was not charged with a crime or accused of any wrongdoing. Still, at the time, reposted a lawyer’s statement on Chinese social media platforms that aimed to quell any rumors tied to the Sydney case. Born in a poor part of the eastern province of Jiangsu, Mr. Liu has made much of his Everyman credentials. Able to afford meat only once or twice a year, his family typically ate sweet potatoes and corn as dinner staples. Until recently, he would put on a helmet and’s red uniform to make deliveries on a three-wheeled electric bike. He calls the 100,000-odd deliverymen who work for his “brothers,” and often trumpets how much better they are paid than those employed by competitors. As it has grown, has become a serious competitor to Alibaba and, increasingly in recent years, the two are going head to head, vying for the attentions of growing numbers of affluent online shoppers in China. Both companies have tried to lure popular brands to open virtual stores on their sales platform, a battle playing out most aggressively in fashion, traditionally Alibaba’s stronghold.

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A State Department official said Kyagulanyi met with representatives from the department on Thursday, “as they have done in the past when he visited the United States.” Undersecretary of State for African Affairs Tibor Nagy did not participate in the meeting at the State Department. There was no immediate comment from the government in Kampala. Kyagulanyi has gained popularity for his attacks on Museveni. The president has ruled since 1986 and has won a series of elections, but is viewed by some as out of touch. The government in Kampala denies torturing Kyagulanyi. “We want the American taxpayer to know that the American taxpayer is funding this. The military equipment we are supplying to Uganda is being used in a war of terror against Uganda’s citizens,” lawyer Robert Amsterdam, flanked by Kyagulanyi, told a news conference in Washington “We call on the U.S. government to immediately suspend military funding to Uganda,” he said. Kyagulanyi, 36, used crutches and showed reporters blisters on the palm of his hand he said were traces of the torture. “I must go back home. Uganda is my home,” he said.